Colposcopy after LEEP

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Dear DrN- If I had a LEEP procedure done 10 years ago, can a provider tell when looking at my cervix? signed my cervix

Dear Wondering Cervix- The cells of the cervix are always being replaced and have about a 3 month life cycle. That is the skin cells. Most of the time after a Leep is done, the cervix looks the same. Sometimes there is narrowing of the canal of the cervix which is the central opening of the uterus, the cervix looks kind of like a bagel. and sometimes the central opening can be narrowed or scarred. But, for the most part, it is hard to tell if all went well. For the Readers, colposcopy is a way that I can magnify the cervix with an instrument, and see where the abnormal cells on the pap may have come from. Sometimes we do biopsies, sometimes we have to cut the cells out with an electrical loop, the LEEP procedure. Dr N