Be Real Dr N Gyn

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Dear Dr N, Thanks for your office, your staff and your ability to talk about anything. Its real and it is appreciated. signed D.M

Dear D.- Going to the doctor can be uncomfortable at best. It is a choice to be vulnerable and talk to someone who knows more about your health due to their knowledge base. I went into the practice of medicine to be a source of knowledge for patients. I feel a responsibility to help give them the I have an information let them make their own decisions. The comfort starts in the waiting room. Small, personal can feel more private. We handle all information with integrity. My staff is approachable and helps you feel comfortable. We try to balance enough time to listen and still accomplish enough efficiency to run a small business. It is about balance. If we need more time, I will ask you to come back. I want you to feel empowered with knowledge.
We CAN talk about anything. You need a place to go where you can ask real question and get real answers. Thanks for the feed-back. Pass it on. Dr N