Dr N discusses emotional safety

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Dear Dr N  –  I recently saw you for an annual physical.  Thanks so much for addressing my total well being.  My husband had a sex addiction and you were so kind to address this issue as part of my wellness.  In an open, non judgemental way,  you were able to discuss my issue as a part of my visit.   I appreciate how you explained the importance of my physcial and emotional safety.  I was able to discuss this with my husband in a way that made sense to him  Thanks Dr N.  I look forward to seeing you every year and am working on being emotionally safe in my home.  signed  TN

Dear TN   Emotional, Physical, Financial, Sexual and Spiritual safety is important to health on a day to day basis.  I strive to incorporate this into the yearly check in  if that is what patients want to address.  Glad to help,  stay safe!  Dr N