Endometriosis – Can it return after Hysterectomy?

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Dear Dr. N-  Can Endometriosis come back after complete hysterectomy? Signed  S.

Dear S.-  By your question I am assuming you had your uterus and fallopian and ovaries removed for endometriosis.  This is the definitive surgery for this condition.  If you are taking  hormones such as estrogen and progesterone, there is a possibility to get return of symptoms if all the implants were not able to be removed at the time of surgery.  For our readers- endometriosis is a benign condition, where the lining of the uterus spreads outside the uterus and presents as pain, dyspareunia (pain with intercourse) or a variety of other symptoms.  It is present in 20-30% of women and presents with a myriad of symptoms.

If you are not taking hormones, this is much less likely.  I would recommend a thorough work up to evaluate why you have return of symptoms.  Hope this helps!  DrN