Female Embarassment by Dr N

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I want to write about many women that I provide care for that see me because of EMBARRASSMENT. The majority of consultations for labiaplasty reveal that they have been self conscious about their body for years, sometimes decades. They describe too much skin that makes it hard to clean or difficult to wipe. They describe pulling or trapping of the skin with exercise or intercourse. They talk about being shy about changing in front of other people or with their partner. The majority of women come to this belief on their own. It is not media driven or a message given them by others. I would like to explain to those, that don’t understand, including some physicans and medical boards, or partner, or parents….. that we need to support the right of these women to choose something different that will allow them to feel better about themselves. It is a ‘truth’ that they come to on their own, for themselves. It is enormously rewarding to lift the burden from these women that they have carried for so many years. They are so happy once it is done. I agree, it is not for all women. I do embrace all of our differences. But for those that are embarassed and it persists into young adulthood and it affects their daily lives, we NEED to offer a safe, effective surgical solution that improves their self esteem and makes self care and self expression easier for them. It is not about wanting us all look the same. It is about helping a woman feel good about herself and encourage HER right of self expression, without judgement. I individualize the surgical approach to what they want. The repair leaves a look that is natural and does not leave any scars into the future. It is a healing journey that I am proud to be a part of. Women can have children after the procedure, sexuality is unaltered and the burden is lifted. Dr N