Fix the Dribble

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Dear Dr N,   I leak sometimes with intercourse and it is so embarassing, what can I do?  I wear a pad for exercise but with sex, thats a deal breaker! signed dribbling

Dear dribble,  Leaking with intercourse can be so humiliating and many times is the reason women come in for a consult.  There are some new, minimally invasive techniques that dry the bladder up with a small vaginal incision and a 30 minute out patient, day surgical procedure.  The success rates are close to 90% and you don’t need more than a week off work.  It’s call Tension Free Vaginal Tape or TVT.  Kegel exercises or physical therapy can sometimes help if it is minor and of course weight loss, arg. There is also a urethral plug called Femsoft.   Thanks for your inquiry.  I would be happy to see you and explain the options available,  I do the surgeries as well and have now for over 8 years.   Good Luck    Dr. N