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Dear A-  Thanks for your inquiry,   the g-shot  is an injection into the gpot in the vagina that is carried out in the office.  It is a “filler” that increases the size of the gspot so it is more sensitive and can be found easier by a partner.  Testimonies can be found on u tube.  Women are raving about it.  It really is for women that know where their Gspot  is and consider it a sensitive area.  The shot is used to ‘enhance’ the sensitivity.  The cost right now as we are introducing it to the Portland Area is $795.00.  It lasts 4-6 months and has a greater than 90% satisfaction rate if patient selection is proper.  The cost covers a consult and the procedure.  Dr. N performs these in her office with a patented speculum and her gynecological surgical experience.  Please call the office for further questions!