Happy Patient

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Dear DrN-  I recently had surgery and it was a great experience!!  Your staff was so helpful in arranging the case and explaining the process.  I appreciate your attention to the little things and the post-op instructions you gave as well as the walk-through about what to expect regarding the day of surgery and my hospital stay. I like the private, intimate setting of your office.   Having you there while I fell asleep in surgery was so comforting.  The hospital staff was great and I felt better than expected going home.    I am a happy patient and I wanted to share for all to see.  Thanks again. YOU are AWESOME.  cb

Dear cb-  So nice of you to send fan-mail.   It will help others making this important decision.  Surgery can be so frightening that I try and make it as comfortable and personal as possible.  We see you at the office as often as you need until your recovery is complete.  The right surgery, by the right surgeon, on the right day, at the right place has always been my philosophy. It is so rewarding to know that you are pleased with our outcome AND you experience.  That is what we strive to do her at DrNGYN.  Happy New Year.