Healthy Relationships by Dr N

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Dear Dr N-

I recently had a procedure that changed my life.  You understood what I wanted changed about how I looked but you also ‘heard’ how I felt and helped me walk through a relationship disaster.  Thank you so much.  My body feels better but I feel strength that goes beyond that.  You described to me that HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS are a constant test of allegiance and empathy.  I realized that I could judge my relationship on what was going on today,  not just what I remembered in the past.  You also told me not to hide but to seek.   Thanks Dr N,  it was way more than surgery.  My vagina is better and I have the confidence to look at my life and decide what I want.  You are amazing.  signed, G.

Dear G,

I am both glad that you had a successful surgical outcome but that you are making changes that help you feel better about yourself and your life.   Vaginal Surgery takes alot of courage.  To meet a doctor and tell him/her what is bothering you is a big step.   Going the next step , is also a risk.  I am glad you could confide in me.  Best wishes on the journey.

Dr N