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Dear Loyal Followers and New Inquirees-

2011 Has been a wonderful year for me.  I have had the pleasure of starting a new business taking care of women in a manner that I believe in.  My location, my staff, my family and friends AND all my patients have made this possible.  I am grateful to everyone who has been a part of it.  I look forward to another year at DRNGYN.    We are going to place a period after the GYN.  on the sign above the door  so people know it is not my last name.   DrN  was a way to shorten my long name and continue with the following of the Newsletter at WHCOO.  GYN  is a way to let people know I am a gynecologist.  The name is getting to be more familiar to those that know me as Dr. Salisbury!  I am continuing to offer gynecology, surgery and a new line of female genital plastic surgery this year as well as an array of out-patient options for medical and surgical therapy.  My focus can be found on the web site.  We are now on facebook, twitter and hope to get a presence in TV and radio this year.  

I wish you all a bountiful, HEALTHY- 2012.   I thank you for your being a part of the DrN journey.  My hope this year is to expand our giving to women world-wide while still taking care of women at home here in Oregon.  I want to help women be the best women they can be.  Enjoy your holidays and stay warm.

Best to all,

Dr. N