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Headline: The conundrum of intimacy

As a gynecologist, I am uniquely suited to listen to women of all ages. I am a board-certified gynecologist providing the full spectrum of gynecological outpatient and surgical services.

It is such a privilege to hear, on a daily basis, the concerns that many women share. What is striking is the lack of information available to men and women, as it relates to their bodies and intimacy.

The other night in my office, I was able to have an open house to talk about the dilemmas women have regarding their anatomy and sexual response.

While some of this is relational, some of it is physical. These women asked questions about anatomy, hormones and solutions. They each had unique problems and challenges. They all felt confused as to what direction to take.

It was stunning to see the relief when they realized they were not alone in the problem and that there were solutions.

Whatever the concern, we meet you there, from menopausal symptoms to pain — or life after cancer.

We are here to help you have the intimate life you want. We offer hormonal solutions, physical therapy, C02 laser treatments (Mona Lisa Touch) or dilator therapy.

We refer to counseling when necessary. We are patient and compassionate.

In the realm of intimate concerns, you are not alone and there are solutions. Give us a call.