Labiaplasty Portland Oregon by Dr N Gyn

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Dear DrN I am considering having a labiaplasty under local anesthesia? signed TL

Dear TL- After seeing a wide range of labial corrections, including people who want a revision, I would recommend that you inquire as to how the procedure is going to be done. With the labial reduction/ laser assisted technique that is taught at the LVRIA there are trade secrets that make it an astounding procedure with anatomically correct outcomes. At times other than trimming there needs to be revision of the clitoral hood so it does not look floppy after the labia are corrected. There is no way clitoral hood reduction can be carried out under local anesthesia. Also, the use of local distorts the anatomy, thus making it diffucult to create a symmetrical- natural look. Believe me, as with any aesthetic technique, you want to avoid ‘Franken-labia’ as one of my patients put it when she described her first labiaplasty. The labia also tend to recoil because of the type of tissue it is. The surgeon has to take special care to take measures to avoid this in the perioperative time frame so they don’t flatten while healing. Please spend a little extra money and time to get the outcome you deserve- whatever surgeon you use. We are offering a special consultation offer on facebook. Find us at Dr Vaginal Rejuvenation. Again for those of you reading that do not have a problem with labial trapping or the look of you labia, this is not for you. DrN