Labioplasty:Labiaplasty by Dr N Gyn

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I am going to post regarding Labioplasty.  I have been carrying out many of these procedures,  I would like to state that women feel and look very natural following the procedure and if done in the right hands,  cannot tell that they have had surgery.  This procedure is specifically for women that do not like the look of their external female genital structures and it has bothered them for some time.  I know what bothers them, and I am able to achieve the look they want. They also are bothered by all the skin and have trouble with hygiene, exercise and intercourse.   It is so rewarding to offer a safe place for women to ask real questions that they have not know where to go.  It can be spelled either way.  My clinic is safe, professional, and competent.  Dr N Gyn