Low Libido

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Dear Dr N – I have lost the pop, sizzle, and simply wouldn’t miss it. I am in my 40’s and am not ready to close up shop. signed dead in the water

Dear frazizzle- So sorry the hear that your pilot light has blown out. This is so common so you are not alone. It is common for men too in that they think about it less or get less ‘reminders’ if you will. For women, it is both physiological as well as multi-factorial.
I like to do a consultation to dig a little deeper to see if there is something physical, hormonal or environmental. It really is complicated and requires some frank converstaion that is personal. I am comfortable having these conversations and we are doing it every day at my office. Please come in and we will chat. There are androgens we can provide, estrogen, Gshot, toys, advice you name it. Let’s get it back, Dr N