Low Libido by Dr N

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Dear Dr N-  What about my low libido, I’m just not interested.   signed discouraged

Dear Discouraged- This topic has SO many answers for women!  Don’t be discouraged,  there is hope for women of all ages but the issues vary with every woman.  There are many variables that contribute to a low sex drive for women.  The hormones of desire for women are primarily Estrogen, to take care of the vaginal tissues/breast/and secretions and Testosterone that stimulate that ‘hunger’, leads to more aggression/assertiveness/appettite … I saw a patient today that presented a very interesting concept and was very open about it.  She has had many children vaginally and loves them dearly.  Since having children she felt a sense of shame about the appearance of her genital structures because things just didn’t look or feel the same.  She honestly admitted that she avoided intercourse because of this.  Not because she did not want it,  or desire to be wanted by her loving husband, but she could not feel comfortable with her body as it was and did not know who to talk to.  Fortunately she did her reading,  she and her husband talked about it and she found her way to me to talk about vaginal reconstruction or rejuvenation as it is termed.  She is now 3 weeks after surgery and feels like a different, more confident person and did not realize what an affect it had on her sex drive.  She and her husband are patiently waiting for surgical recovery and are looking forward to being reunited!  I am so happy for them and am astounded by her open-ness and maturity about the subject.  She had buried her desire subtley to avoid her own discomfort with her body.  Sometimes surgery is not required and physical therapy or other measures can help.  Sometimes surgery is a great turning point!  Thanks for the question-  I am sure it will stimulate more.  Dr N