New Year, New You- Dr N Gyn Lake Oswego Oregon

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Dear Dr N  I have been a patient for years,  I actually enjoy coming in to talk to you.  I feel like it gives me a chance to think about myself and what I need to do in the coming year.  See you in the new year. signed  JG

Dear JG-  New Year,  New You!  It’s always good to reflect on what is going right and what isn’t.  Whether it be habits, weight, relationships, thoughts, work or part of your body that you want to work on,  ponder those things that need attention and do some work or ask for help, or read, research and make little steps towards your goal.  We all have things to work on,  let it start with a visit and a frank assessment of what needs attention.  Glad you look forward to seeing us at Dr N Gyn.  We appreciate your confidence and trust.    Dr N