Nexplanon, Implant Contraception

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Dear Dr N-  My daughter has a scholarship for college,  but she can’t get pregnant or she loses it.  How do I, as a parent, help her with this as she goes to college?  signed  worried parent

Dear Worried- Your daughter is venturing into a great adventure.  You want her to be careful and protect the great fortune she has with her scholarship.  SHE has to commit to being careful as well.  If she is sexually active a great option for her is to have an implantable contraception that does not require compliance.  It is in the inside of the arm, and requires no remembering.  It lasts 3 years and has few side effects.  There is also an injection every 3 months,  the Nuvaring that is in the vagina and is changed every month or a DAILY pill.  I think the Nexplanon implant is a great option, little considered, simply because people do not know about it.  Easy clinic insertion.  No remembering.  I wish your daughter well.  It is progesterone only and only side effect can be spotting.  Call your gynecologist and get her protected.  Dr N