NuvaRing, Vaginal Birth Control

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Dear DrN- I cannot take birth control, it upsets my stomach but I like how it helps my skin. What can I do? signed pimples

Dear P’s- There are many BC options on the market, that are FDA approved. There is a method that is similar to the oral contraceptive that is placed in the vagina and stays there for 3 weeks, without being felt, and is removed easily when it is time to have a period. Some patients use a tampon applicator to put it in. This bypasses the GI tract and thus avoids nausea that can be a side effect for some women. You might want to consider the Implanon/Nexplanon or DepoProvera It is inserted in the arm/ is very safe and last 3 years or you can get an injection every 3 months. Also no GI side effects. Might be worth coming in for a chat. Remember, lots of water for the complexion. Dr.N