Office Ablation for Heavy Periods

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Dear Dr N- I had an office ablation in your office and it went great! I went back to work the next day and I loved listening to Pandora Radio during the procedure and talking to you and Paige. You guys are so fun! Thanks so much, lets hope my house doesn’t look like a crime scene during my next period. I’m so excited to have a summer when i don’t have to worry about all that bleeding. THANKS JJ

Dear JJ- Nice to hear from you. I am so pleased to see how well women are doing in the office with an ablation. The procedure itself lasts less than 15 minutes and with the medications we use women are tolerating it so well. Paige chooses your type of music to help you feel calm….. and we just talk talk talk I call it vocal, local. I sure hope you have ligher periods or NO periods. It will make for a much better summer. Dr N