Office Hysteroscopy

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Dear DrN-  What is a hysteroscope?  signed wondering

Dear Wondering-  Medicine these days allows us to look in alot of places!   Hyster…  refers to the uterus.   So hysterectomy refers to taking out the uterus.  Hyster-oscopy  refers to looking in the uterus.  We can now do this in the office setting with minimal discomfort to save hospital bills and anesthesia.  We use the hysteroscope to look for polyps, fibroids or causes for bleeding.  We can find a lost IUD or look for causes of abnormal bleeding.  It is a small channel with a camera attached that the patient can watch along with the clinician.  It is minimally uncomfortable and do-able with and Ibuprofen like medication so patients can leave the office and get along with their day.  A good tool to have in the office.  Dr. N offers this service.  Thanks for asking.  Dr.N