Oophorectomy and PMS

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Dear Dr N- I have struggled with pcos all my life, irregular periods, hair growth, extra weight – the whole picture. I just had my ovaries out as part of a hysterectomy, at 42 and my husband said “That bit**” did not show up this month and I didn’t miss her” I realized that my PMS got much better since my ovaries are out. I am hoping the other symptoms do too. Thanks for the counsel and advice. I am sooooo much happier. JJ

Dear JJ- Chronic Anovulation, PCOS, is a condition that has a classic constelation of symptoms. Many of these sxs go away if the ovaires are removed. although I am sensitive to age and the right timing. I am soo glad that B did not show up. What a relief!! She can be a real joy killer monthly and something that is real and life altering for the whole family. It is called PMDD or premenstrual mood disorder. So glad to hear you are feeling better, we are supplementing the estrogen loss , just to let the readers know. DrN