Oral Contraception by Dr N

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Dear Dr N- Which pill should I take?

Dear Reader- Finding the right oral contraceptive can be challenging. There are various doses and different combinations of hormones that can be offered. Cost is also an issue, so picking an ocp on your formulary ie your insurance plan, helps keep the cost down. My e-prescribing option will check your insurance companie’s list of covered oral contraceptives. This is a way to keep the copay down- until this is included in your insurance coverage with health care reform. You should be able to find a copay below $20 if you have insurance coverage. Then, taking the medicine is not something you need to tolerate. Finding the right pill for you allows a short period and few side effects. Temporary side effects maybe a couple of days is normal or spotting while adjusting is normal but if you do not feel good, ask your provider for another BRAND. Also, there are now 10 -50 mcg of a form of estrogen and there are monophasic, biphasic, and triphasic pills- different kinds of estrogens and progestins. There is also an injectable pill, a patch, and a transvaginal ring that acts like the pill. The risk is related to the dose of estrogen so it is good to ask about low dosing. In short- all ocps are not the same, so it is ok to try different ocps until you find the right pill for you. Work with your provider. It is like finding any other brand that is your preference. Dr N