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Dear Dr. N   What is the perineum?  and why would I have it fixed?   signed confused

Dear “good question”-  A perineoplasty is a procedure that corrects the tissue between the vaginal opening and the rectum.  This is the perineum.  A portion of the pelvic floor that gives support and also assists in tightening the ‘door’ of the vagina.  This is an area that can be affected by childbirth, the site where an episiotomy is cut or often where a lacertation can occur.  My laser assisted perineoplasty dramatically improves the look of the external structures and the feel of intercourse as it heightens senstation at the point of entry.  This works very nicely when coordinated with a labioplasty or sculpting of the labia  or vaginal rejuvenation, a tightening of the walls.  Unfortunately, this is not often covered by insurance companies, since they do not yet recognize vaginal laxity as a medical indication.  It falls under female genital plastic surgery.  Thanks for the question,  i’m sure many women do not refer to their perineum very often. My new web site is under development-  This will help explain this exciting new field.  DrN