Postmenopausal Vaginal Pain

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Dear Readers, it has been awhile since I have posted a blog. WE ARE BUSY. This is a great testimonial to a style of practice that I believe in. Women want a private place to go to voice their concerns where they will be heard. They want a collaborative approach to health care where they are in partnership with their provider. This is what we are dong and WE are busy. That being said, it is time to visit with my audience again.
We are launching the MONA LISA Touch. It is an FDA approved, office based procedure that not painful that is an AMAZING
alternative to hormones for the treatment of vaginal atrophy. Yes, the vagina begins to atrophy when the estrogen stops being produced by the ovaries. This process begins in a woman’s 40’s and remains unless an intervention is carried out. For some this is not a problem, for some it is disabling. Until recently the mainstay of treatment has been estrogen treatment either for the whole body or vaginally. Some women don’t want to do that including many of my breast cancer survivors.
There is now a way that through a laser treatment of the vagina, making small millimeter injuries with the laser, that the vagina, in the healing process is able to ‘rejuvenate’ itself to be back to its youthful state. It has been documented through biopsies and testimonials of women saying “it feels amazing again”, ” I don’t have pain anymore”, ” I’d forgotten how fun sex can be”, “I’m not just showing up anymore, I’m actually enjoying it”. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a “game changer” for the menopausal vagina. No, it is not covered by insurance (yet), but it is an investment in feeling better and having a happier and healthier sexual relationship. You can read more about it on utube under MonaLisa Touch testimonials or
Call the office for a 20 minute consult to see if you are a candidate. I will discuss any and all treatments available,
because that is what we do at DrNGyn.