Rectocele, what is it?

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Dear Dr N- I have a rectocele, ok, what is that signed MB

Dear MB- Rectocele is a bulge in the vagina on the back wall that is the rectum pushing up. This is from a weakening of the vaginal wall from childbirth, trauma, or genetics. They range from small to large and get worse with weight gain, straining, heavy lifting, constipation or prolonged standing. They are common after childbirth but if the bulge reaches the door or beyond, or causes trouble with function- it needs treatment and while there is PT for this problem surgery is the gold standard. I show patients with a mirror where the problem is so they can moniter their symptoms in a relevant way. Avoid constipation and straining. Posterior repair or colporrhaphy is the standard repair for this procedure. For severe rectocele insurance plans reimburse, for vaginal looseness, this is not recognized and is an out of pocket expense. I hope that helps, you are not alone, it is very common. Dr N