Sexuality after Breast Cancer

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I am writing tonight to raise awareness for sexuality after the diagnosis of Breast Cancer.  I am a part of a panel that wants to help couples maintain the health and pain free choice to remain vaginally active following the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.  Women will often enter menopause or stop using hormones which often leads to shrinkage of the vaginal tissue and less lubrication and accomodation.  I would suggest that even without the use of hormonal intervention a woman can use mechanical dilators and lubricants and physical therapy to keep the vagina arousable and enjoyable.  There just is not enough information out there and in the early stages of breast cancer treatment,  this is not a priority.  I am here to say,  there are things that can be done that are not hormonal and the intimacy is important.  Get some help from professionals that are aware of the treatments and options.