Stress Incontinence and LVR

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Dear Dr. N-  I have stress urinary incontinence and want to have more children.  Should I wait for LVR until I am finished with childbearing? signed EDC

Dear EDC,  Thanks for the great question.  I recommend correction of urinary incontinence AND vaginal laxity after you have completed childbearing.  You are investing financially in this correction and you do not want to have it done more than once if possible, since your first correction is the most effective.  Some patients have a significant enough problem to want correction and then plan elective Cesarean for future births.  This is a bit controversial but it has been done.    The procedures to correct both incontinence and the affects on the vagina after childbirth are getting great ‘reviews’ from patients.  Keep it in mind and give me a call when you are ready. Have a great holiday.  signed   DrN