Take out my Uterus- Don’t change my hormones

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Dear Dr N- How can I stop the bleeding FOR SURE. I am so done having periods!! signed Sick and tired

Dear S and T- IF you do not want office procedures or hormones a very popular way to stop the periods without alot of surgery is LSH or TLH. I am seeing pts soooo pleased with an outpatient procedure to remove the top of the uterus through the belly button and back to work in 1-2 weeks. There are three small incisions and no stitches in the vagina. The cervix can stay as do the ovaries, so the hormones don’t change. For larger uterus-s Robotic Surgery can be used so we can do the procedure minimally invasive due to the new and amazing technology. I can also remove the uterus throug the vagina if patients don’t want incisions on their abdomen. If periods are a real problem, insurance plans offer good coverage for patients. Please call, do not suffer. Partners love the no bleeding too! Dr N