The Clitoris, Dr N

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I want to write about the poorly understood clitoris. I have been researching the subject of sexuality in order to write a book for women about women. The most differing topic is the understanding of the clitoris. I am going to start with some common findings that run through my reading and experience with patients. Many women and men do not know where it is. That is a sad thing. Nor do they understand the response of the clitoris which has many nerve endings on the glans , which is similar to the penis, and is exquisitely sensitive. It has a hood that it retracts under when it gets aroused so things aren’t too sensitive. The tip of the clitoris is connected to the shaft which feels like a cord and from the shaft there are crurae that extend downward as roots towards and surrounding the urethra ending at the urethral sponge which is under the urethra thought to be the area of the G spot. The extensions of the clitoris that for some women can elicit a vaginal orgasm. The clitoris comes in different sizes and locations from the urethral opening. It is the primary source of arousal for women that leads to orgasm but the surrounding erectile tissue contributes to arousal and sensitivity. Many women find it by mistake when they are young and if they don’t know where it is have a hard time telling their partner what to do or where to touch. There are an estimated 20% of women who have never had an orgasm and I believe much of this is due to a poor understanding of the female arousal system and sexual response. Do your research ladies. It is a wonderful adventure. Dr N