The Morcellator

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Dear Readers,

For those of you that have had an LSH  Laparoscopic Supracervical Hysterectomy,  you probably had a morcellator used on the tissue to get the uterus out.  Currently in the news there is controversy surrounding the device, due to the use of the technology in a situation that spread a uterine cancer.  For patients that have had that form of hysterectomy,  there is not cause for concern because the specimens were all sent to pathology to rule out a cancer in the specimen.  Discussions are currently being held as to how to make use of this technology safer.  It is an excellent technique to remove larger specimens through smaller incisions.  There may be a move to ‘morcellate’ in a closed system such as a bag to limit the spread of potentially unsuspected tissue types.  I hope this excellent technology can be used in the future.  Be assured that if it was used on you,  your provider will have checked the pathology specimen to ensure that it was non cancerous tissue.