Vaginal Rejuvenation 2012

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Dear Dr N-   I recently came to your office to talk about sexuality, changes after childbirth and just personal things and I did not know where to go.  I recently moved from California and was so happy to find your office.  It is comfortable and easy to open up about what is on my mind.  Thanks for being honest with me about my exam and my personal questions.  Yay  Dr N.  You helped me and I am planning surgery but I feel so confident that you understand what I want and that YOU will help me get there.  Thanks Dr N !!!

Dear Reader-

Thanks for the vote of confidence.  We have a great clinic where women are coming in and talking about real issues and real concerns.  We sometimes offer reassurance and we sometimes talk about surgery.  I feel like I have enough experience and knowledge to get real about your questions and offer you solutions that will help YOU.    It is so nice to get feedback.    signed   Dr N