Vaginal Rejuvenation, Dr N Gyn

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Rejuvenate- To make something or someone feel or look young, healthy, or energetic again; to give new strength or energy to something.

It has been some time since I have entered a post. Busy taking care of women, listening to women, operating on women. I want to write about a topic that is becoming clearer and clearer to me as I have had to courage to advertise that I am willing to rejuvenate the female genital structures. Something that has been a part of the field of OB/Gyn for many years but we have not given it a name. We have hinted at it or had patients say, WOW doc, you really made things feel better down there! But as providers we have not said, come to me if you have this problem so I may help you. It has been wrapped in a veil of a medical problem as though we are in denial of IT. What I have found, is that there are many women who want, as the definition says, to make the vagina or labia feel more energetic again. To regain something that was lost during childbirth, aging or hormonal changes OR want help with something they were born with- and women are asking for help. The results are astounding. Women find a regained confidence and ease with their body. They are facing fears and walking through them They are talking about their sexuality in an open way. They are not ashamed about their wants and their needs. They seem to come in afraid to talk and by the time WE at Dr N Gyn are finished taking care of them, we are laughing together, sometimes crying together and we are coming out the other side of the amazing journey of vaginal rejuvenation. Making things feel more new and energetic. Dr N