Welcome to the page that answers the question – I have Vaginal Concerns. It is confusing for patients to know what they need, however here at Lake Oswego GYN we can address your concerns from a medical, BOARD CERTIFIED standpoint.

There are many approaches to correct vaginal problems. This category includes Vaginal Rejuvenation (to make it feel new), Vaginoplasty, Anterior and Posterior Colporrhaphy. Many providers, media and medical governing bodies have minimized the importance of this for patients and we, here, at Lake Oswego GYN want to ensure you that WE HEAR YOU. The main thing is that you know what is bothering you and we will help you find the solution that works best for you.

Doctors Salisbury and Zaander are both Board Certified Gynecologists who are trained to do vaginal reparative procedures. We have the ability to use scalpel techniques or employ the use of LASER or Cautery techniques to control bleeding and allow a more aesthetic procedure. We are high volume surgeons and weekly see the happy results of patients who have taken this step. It is carried out in a hospital or surgicenter under IV anesthesia. You will go home the same day and need pelvic rest for 6 weeks. High impact activity is limited but after 3-5 days you are able to go about your life without assistance. The results are long-lasting and considered permanent other than the normal changes that occur to all women with aging.

Your presenting symptoms may be any of the following:

  • I feel tissue coming out of the vagina
  • My vagina feels too loose
  • A tampon will not stay in
  • I leak urine
  • I cannot fully empty my bladder
  • I cannot fully empty my rectum
  • I have to push on my vagina to empty my bladder or rectum
  • I have no tone at the ‘door’ of my vagina and I miss it
  • I pass air from the vagina
  • I have pain with intercourse
  • I am embarrassed to have my partner look down there
  • I am sad when I think about how things were before childbirth

If any of these symptoms are bothering you and you would like a thorough consultation and treatment plan, please call and schedule an appointment. We will make a diagnosis and establish treatment options. We also are able to address if insurance can be utilized which is not always the case.