Many times women want solutions for ‘rejuvenating’ their external or internal parts that do not involve surgery.  They are busy and cannot fit surgical recovery into their time-budget.

Dr. Salisbury and Doctor Zaander offer both C02 Laser treatments and Radiofrequency treatments that can be offered in the office setting, that require no anesthesia, to improve looseness, laxity of the lips, dryness, urinary leaking, and sexual sensitivity.  Current treatments available are MonaLisaTouch and ThermiVA. These are temporary procedures that require annual maintenance.  Surgical Solutions are more permanent.

Mona Lisa Touch - Dr. Zaander and Dr. Salisbury provide the Mona Lisa Touch in the office - bye bye dry

  • The Mona Lisa Touch is an FDA approved, office-based procedure that is intended to treat dryness and pain of the vagina and brings the tissue back to its youthful state, responsive and lubricating.
  • ThermiVA is an FDA approved, an office-based procedure utilizing RadioFrequency.   Warming of the tissue that is intended to treat vaginal laxity, dryness, lack of sensitivity, Stress incontinence and pain.
  • Outpatient treatment for vaginal dryness and pain offered by the doctors in the office setting, pain-free, no downtime.

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Treatments/outpatient/Insurance not accepted.

BTL Emsella

There is also a minimally invasive device, that can Kegel for you!  It is FDA approved for use in the treatment of Stress and Urge incontinence.  It takes 6 treatments over 3 months that take 30 minutes and you are fully clothed and in a chair.  It is a non-insurance-based treatment for now but is proving to allow many women not to have or need surgery.  Emsella !!