Laser Perineoplasty – This is a technique often done in conjunction with LVR, to allow a tighter feel to the opening of the vagina to enhance the look AND feel of this area during sexual intercourse. I refer to this as a tightening of the ‘doorway’ of the vagina, an area that is often affected by childbirth. Women come in complaining of a lack of sensation at the entry point of intercourse.

This is a procedure often done with labiaplasty or vaginal rejuvenation to allow a better look of the ‘doorway’ or a tighter feel of the door. Women often feel that the curtains are open of the vagina and that air can go in, or tissue can bulge out. Women come in saying the lack sensation at entry and this is a way to correct this. Surgical techniques are used, much like an episiotomy, but with great care, to make a patient feel brand new again. This is done with the laser and modified activity is needed for 4-6 weeks to allow full healing and amazing results.