Viva La difference!!

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I am going to write in response to a journal article addressing vaginal rejuvenation.  It was written in one of the prominent Journals written for Gynecologists.

I agree completely that women should embrace their unique beauty and enjoy how they are wonderfully made!  I do not support , one look or one definition of perfection.  Women are lovely.  Our differences are lovely and we should embrace the unique expression of femininity.  However, when women are self conscious about how they look and want help with this so they can feel free to express themselves with their partner and themselves,   I am here to help.   I spend time , daily, listening to women and helping them find their happy place.  Whether it be listening, processing solutions or doing surgery-  I am here to help.   I wait to hear from my patients about what THEY want.  This is not pressure from me, their provider, or anyone else.  It comes from them and they should be allowed a place to go, to fing their own solution.  I feel so frustrated when academicians suggest that these women are somehow victimized by providers or society.  These patients, in my experience, have wanted help for a long time and are relieved to find a provider that will help them.  Dr N