Women’s Wellness

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Dear Readers- This post is coming from me, your provider of health care. The Annual Physical is now called a Woman’s Wellness Exam. That means we are doing preventive health care. When you come to the office, it is helpful to know your history, your medications and bring the issues that are really on your mind. With the internet, many people feel they have to diagnose their problem, but not so. I enjoy solving the puzzle of what is going on and referring when necessary. That is my job, to help you know where to go next if it is not me. To use , my knowledge, to help you find answers and to stay well. In addition, there is meaning to seeing a provider annually to check in with you health. Accountability with weight, a blood pressure check, a review of systems, and physical exam are all part of it. In addition at certain ages Cholesterol screening, diabetes screening, thyroid screening are recommended. New guidelines are available regarding cervical cancer screeing. Breast exams are important along with appropriate Mammography screening. A ‘ mental health’ check in is also a good idea as well as a ‘how are you’? We talk about relationships, exercise, new topics, your family, or whatever is on your mind. It is your visit. I do what is necessary and leave some of the time for you to ‘talk to the doctor’ about what is relevant to you. Helping you with your wellness. Your woman-hood. I want you to be well, and stay well. It’s way more than a “pap”.