Yeast Infections

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Question : I’m going to go out on a limb here and tell you the alternativemedicine aopprach to a vaginal infection. Even after I tellyou this I also tell you that you should see a doctor and geta culture done as it may be a venereal disease, or causedby a cut from intercourse.Okay: most vaginal infections are not caused by bacteria,but are an overgrowth of yeast or Candida. The primary causeof a yeast infection is usually from a course of antibiotics.Antibiotics are not selective, they kill ALL BACTERIAin the body. There needs to be a balance of good AND(WHAT IS CALLED-BAD). When the balance is gone,the yeast that always lives in the body, has a chance to grow.If not checked very soon, it can gravitate to other parts ofyour body and be much more dangerous than vaginalinfection.An alternative method of healing is to eat lots of yogurt withLIVE culture go to the health food store and get a goodprobiotic. This is friendly bacteria and will establish a newcolony in your gut that will overcome the yeast. Either freshor pills of cranberry juice are greatly helpful. No sugar!!Yeast loves sugar and thrives on it. Fastest treatment-probably the Monostat and followed up with the alternativemethodsFor intercoarse: It’s vital to have your partner wash hislove portion very thoroughly before sex. An uncircumsizedman can transfer an infection more easily than a circumsizedone. If he wants it he must wash it.

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