Office Hysteroscopy

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Dear DrN-  What is a hysteroscope?  signed wondering Dear Wondering-  Medicine these days allows us to look in alot of places!   Hyster…  refers to the uterus.   So hysterectomy refers to taking out the uterus.  Hyster-oscopy  refers to looking in the … Read More


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Dear A-  Thanks for your inquiry,   the g-shot  is an injection into the gpot in the vagina that is carried out in the office.  It is a “filler” that increases the size of the gspot so it is more sensitive … Read More


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Dear Dr. N   What is the perineum?  and why would I have it fixed?   signed confused Dear “good question”-  A perineoplasty is a procedure that corrects the tissue between the vaginal opening and the rectum.  This is the perineum.  A … Read More

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