I was nervous for my procedure, the pain and the recovery, but in retrospect that was silly! I couldn’t have been in better hands with Dr. N and her staff. One week after surgery I was amazed at how good I felt. Two weeks now and I feel great, just tired in the afternoons. Now I have an excuse to take a nap and then I’m good to go again! So glad I had this procedure done.

– T.R.

Dr. Nancy Salisbury is a very professional and caring doctor. My surgery was very successful. She explained the surgical procedures and all of my personal concerns. My procedure was a day surgery with no complications. I was only had 2 days recovery time and now I feel great again! Thank you!

– .C.V.

Having a partial hysterectomy was an amazing experience. The recovery was great. I had the nerve block and didn’t feel pain after the surgery and was on my way home within an hour or two out of surgery. I couldn’t tell that she had laser surgeried the endometriosis. I no longer have pain and feel human for the first time in a very long time. I feel better and have more energy. Dr. Salisbury is my lifesaver and did an amazing job. I feel like I am living again. Not living with pain anymore. Thank you!!

– Anonymous

Doctor care was most excellent! Care at the doctor’s office is also very good. Quick to call and very helpful.

– Anonymous

Thank you so much for being such a wonderful and compassionate doctor who listens to your patients. I so appreciate your caring attitude regarding my family situation. I also wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your nurse. She is such a compliment to your practice with her friendly, personable and caring demeanor.

– .P.T.

I saw Dr. N today and I am so thrilled that she is my doctor. I feel as if I can ask her anything without being embarrassed or uncomfortable. I am 60 and it is the first time I felt like I could be completely frank with my doctor. Thank you Dr. N. You Rock!

– A.A.

Hi, Dr. Salisbury. I just wanted to thank you. I’ve not had great luck with dr’s and I’ve often gone home to see my moms friends, but every time I walk out of your office I text someone that I love my gyno. Thank you for taking such good care of me.

– H.W.

Wonderful, professional and caring staff. Knowledgable and willing to talk and answer questions. Excellent patient care. My procedure was a success.

– J.K.

Wanted to thank you for years of care. Have to see another Gyn due to insurance reason but what a sweet lady!

– Anonymous

My procedure went very well. Everyone was very supportive and looked after my needs.

– T.P.

Dr. N is truly a superb surgeon and human being. She performed a challenging robotic LSH for me and the recovery has been better than I could have imagined. At every stage she engendered the highest confidence, about her knowledge, expertise, and her caring commitment to my situation, both physical and emotional. She also showed great concern for my husband’s obvious stress. She and her staff were always accessible and genuinely caring throughout the whole process. They made the scheduling and coordination of the surgery worry-free, while doing it virtually since I live primarily in Africa and only visit the U.S. once or twice a year. I found Dr. N through the internet when I could not get my primary care physician to help me in a timely manner. I was suffering terrible, massive bleeding and something needed to be done pronto. I sent Dr. N an email, and within a few hours she contacted me with words that were caring, comfortable, and full of action. Thank you to Dr. N and her team.

– Anonymous

Never had I had such great care and attention from a doctor. Nancy’s approach to caring for her patients makes you feel like you are talking with your BFF who happens to be a doctor. If you are not seeing Nancy, then you are missing out on excellent care!

– M.B.

Everything, regarding robotic hysterectomy, was so well explained in advance that I felt a sense of relief to finally have it done. Post surgery has gone better than expected. So happy that ‘we’ made this decision. Thank you to Dr. N and Paige for taking such special care of me!

– Anonymous

While having any surgery is nerve racking, I have to say that Dr. Salisbury explained so well I had nothing but confidence in her. I would recommend Dr. N any time.

– D.G.

I felt so comfortable with Dr. N and her staff. They made an uncomfortable issue for me very easy and I couldn’t be any more pleased with the results (labiaplasty). Dr. N is such a skilled doctor. Because of her I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin. I’m so happy I made my consultation appointment. That was the only hard part.

– Anonymous

Dr. N and her staff are wonderful, very helpful and friendly. The results are great and I’m seeing improvements daily. I am very pleased with my entire experience.

– R.F.

Dr. N is truly fantastic. She performed laparoscopic surgery for me with the absolute best outcome possible. She did an outstanding job, going above and beyond in her commitment to my health and recovery, as well as my future fertility goals.  She and her wonderful staff made me feel comfortable and cared for throughout an experience which was scary and emotional for me. I am so impressed with the results of my surgery, and am incredibly grateful for the positive impact Dr. N has had on my life.  In addition, the whole team was accessible and attentive from start to finish, making it very easy to schedule and coordinate the surgery from out of town because I live primarily in a different state.

– S.F.

For someone that is completely terrified of going for a check up, been 7 years. I just met the amazing and compassionate group of women for the first time today. Wasn’t sure if I was even able to build the courage to go through it. I can’t even explain how wonderful they were. Spent time with me and explained everything that was going to happen. I am beyond thankful for them. The rooms are welcoming and warm, unlike a typical exam room. I would recommend Dr. N to everyone. Thank you so much.

– Anonymous

Thank you so much for such great attention and care! You were very good at preparing me and very informational! Petroff forgot to give us ice packs which was unfortunate because I stayed 1 hour away, but it worked out! Everything else was Awesome! You work with all quality people. You show that you care more about the person than anything else.

– S.S.

My labiaplasty was fast, nearly painless and handled by very kind people. Everybody that has been involved with my procedure has had my best interest at heart. Thank you!!

– G.T.

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