No More Pads!  Say GOODBYE to leaking at the most inopportune times.

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation with Stress Incontinence – is where an additional technique is added to the above procedure with placement of a sling in the vagina or native tissue is used (no sling) to better support the bladder which has loosened with childbearing or weight loss.

Over 40% of women over 50 suffer from issues of urgency, stress-leaking or frequency, especially at night.  If you can relate, then you know up to now the solutions that have been available, thus far, have been ‘do your Kegels’, take this medication, go to Physical Therapy or have an operation.

Today there is great news, introducing Emsella.  The FDA has approved a new modality where electromagnetic therapy (much like an MRI) that is used to target the pelvic floor musculature and make them contract 11,000 times in 28 minutes – with your clothes on. You have a treatment 2X per week for 3 weeks and pay $1800.00 out of pocket and the studies suggest 75-90% of patients describe the improvement of their annoying symptoms and live life without wearing a pad!