vFit Plus

a revolutionary new technology that will improve your life

Intimate wellness is an important factor in women’s physical, emotional and social well-being. We are proud to offer vFit PLUS — a revolutionary solution that improves intimate wellness, confidence, and quality of life.

image of vFit plus wellness device

vFit PLUS is the world’s first and only personal wellness device using patented red-light (LED) technology that’s been scientifically validated to deliver impressive results in a few short weeks.

95% experienced improved intimate wellness
89% experienced increased confidence with intercourse
89% felt an increase in sensation

Why you’ll love vFit PLUS:

  • Affordable
  • Non-invasive
  • All natural
  • Use in the privacy of your own home

vFit PLUS is the perfect home-care device to meet your intimate wellness needs.

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First of its kind at home vaginal rejuvenation product. $495 6-8 minutes 3x per week. Enhanced tone, sensitivity, bladder function. Call 503-908-1646 or Email for more information.