Labiaplasty is a procedure performed to change the appearance of the small lips of the vulva. For most women, they don’t think about them or must adjust them. For women with a condition called Labial Hypertrophy, they adjust, tuck, move or wipe them all the time. We understand and have compassion surrounding this condition. It is not trivial and can really affect a woman’s quality of life of sexual function. We are here to help.

The techniques used by Drs Salisbury and Zaander were innovated at the Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of Beverly Hills where the procedure has been perfected and taught by a renowned surgeon worldwide. Adjustments to the technique have been made where needed and we also offer unilateral trimming if there is dramatic asymmetry.

We perform the procedure under IV anesthesia to allow for the detailed work required to achieve the aesthetic goals. We review a gallery with you to allow you to discuss your wishes whether it be a modest trim or a more aggressive approach. Your surgical wishes are our priority.

Complete recovery takes 6-8 weeks, but patients can get back to their lives in as one week. The doctors carry out ALL their own postoperative appointments until you are completely satisfied. We pride ourselves on our personal approach to your care.