The Well Women’s exam is an annual screening or preventative care visit. It is intended to focus on preventive health in the area of the female reproductive tract, as well as all organ systems.

Well-woman visits begin in adolescence and continue until a woman is in her later years. Each decade brings new challenges and new preventative care surveillance needs. Dr. Zaander will review your health and family history at the Well Woman visit and make preventative care recommendations for you and your needs.

The annual Well Woman visit includes a history, physical exam, breast exam and consult on breast imaging options, and cervical cancer screening with a Pap test. Other laboratory testing, such as urinalysis or blood work, will be discussed and performed as needed.

We enjoy coordinating our care with your Primary care provider to provide the best, most thorough care. As gynecologists and specialists in women’s health, we believe we provide an essential perspective that women may not receive at their annual physical with their primary care provider.

Dr. Zaander believes in addressing the total spectrum of the patient’s life and providing personalized care based on joint decision-making and up-to-date medical knowledge.